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When hardship hits, we are here

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Provides clean laundry and a warm shower for a friend doing it tough
Gives two friends access to clean laundry and showers
Funds an Orange Sky shift at one of our five services in Aotearoa

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With you, Orange Sky can be there when hardship hits

Orange Sky’s free mobile laundry and shower service supports people who are experiencing homelessness or hardship and provides a space for connection and korero.

Orange Sky is there to support everyday Kiwis who never thought they’d need a service like ours.  

With your support, we can continue to provide our essential service and be there for the growing number of Kiwis who need our help.

You can help us be there for people when hardship hits.

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Shelley has been living out of her van on-and-off for the past nine months. As you can imagine this means accessing laundry and warm shower facilities is a real challenge for her. To access these basic services, she found herself leaning on her friends. For many doing it tough, like Shelley, asking loved ones for help just to get by can be difficult.

Shelley has now found the newly launched Orange Sky service in Hamilton. She finds great comfort in knowing that there is always a place for clean clothes, a nice hot shower and genuine conversation, which allows her to confidently navigate her week and restore some independence.

“With the Orange Sky service, I now don't feel like a burden on my friends. I can get my washing and drying done and have a shower; it is absolutely fantastic.”

“Unless you experience the service for yourself, you don’t realise the benefit. It’s a saving grace, just amazing.”

Shelley, Orange Sky friend

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