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This World Homeless Day, we need your support more than ever

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Provides clean laundry and a warm shower for a friend doing it tough
Gives two friends access to clean laundry and showers
Funds an Orange Sky shift at one of our five services in Aotearoa

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With your support, we can provide practical help when it’s needed most

Increasing financial pressure and a significant lack of housing mean that now, more than ever, Kiwis across the country are doing it tough.

Over 41,000 people across Aotearoa are experiencing homelessness, and many are forced to make unimaginable decisions surrounding their basic needs - like whether to put food on the table or wash their clothes.

Orange Sky provides a simple service - free laundry, warm showers and non-judgmental kōrero - but it makes a huge difference.

This World Homeless Day, you can help the growing number of Kiwis experiencing homelessness or hardship.

A simple service, a huge difference.

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“I felt really inhuman when I was living in my van. It's like I had an invisible sign on me saying, ‘don't touch’”

When we first met Howie, he had lost his job and was forced to live in a van with his two dogs. With no accessible washing facilities, he visited Orange Sky's shower and laundry services every Saturday morning.

After 1,265 days of living in his van, Howie finally secured housing for himself and his two pups. Thinking back on those years, he has come to miss the volunteers and friends he used to meet. 

“It took me a while to understand that there were actually people out there who cared. That’s what they do. They gave me a bit of hope, and sometimes hope is all you’ve got.”

Help make a difference in the lives of people, like Howie, who are doing it tough.

A special thank you to K' Road Chronicles for allowing us to share Howie's story. K' Road Chronicles is produced for Stuff by Magnetic Pictures, with support from NZ On Air. Images were captured and kindly shared by Devan Narsai.